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Future ICT Convergence : Innovative Business Solutions and Services

HIGH VALUE CONSULTING provides a premium service for strengthening the client’s competitiveness and supporting continuous growth by offering the newest ICT technology.

  • Cloud Computing

    By analyzing the business environments of corporations and public organizations that have implemented cloud technology, HIGH VALUE CONSULTING provides the most suitable and ideal cloud environment and model for the client.

  • HIS (Hospital information System) Implementation & Operation service

    Provide Hospital work system Implementation and Operation services that utilize the latest ICT technologies applied to the fourth industrial revolution. In particular, we can provide better service to customer by utilizing know-how obtained by performing system Implementation and maintenance of OO hospital with the largest number of beds in Korea and OO Hospital for employees in specialized national institutions.

  • IT Security (esp. PLC/Scada facilities vulnerable to security)

    In addition to general information protection services, Provide Consulting for Special package to proactively detect hacking attempts on PLC equipment at major national facilities (e.g. power plants, refineries, water dams, etc.) that are vulnerable to hacking from hostile countries and to ensure proper response.

  • WTE(Waste to Energy)

    The disposal of hundreds and thousands of tons of waste of living, industrial waste and hospital waste from cities every day is a big problem worldwide.  We provide consulting based on the world's best competitive technologies, which processing Waste with Gasification low-temperature pyrolysis environmentally and economically against the existing Moving Grate(Stoker) technology, and enable to increase sales revenue by using steam or electric generation as fuel. And we are currently working on a 1,000-ton Gasification power generation system project for a country in EU.

  • Brown Gas(Melting Technology

    Technical consulting with Global NBR One Brown Gas 1400 Celsius melting technology to treat harmful Fly Ash to molten slag, then input it as material of premium Bio Marble