Service Strategy Strategy

Strategy : Establishment of a Strategy for Enterprise Transformation and Process Innovation

HIGH VALUE CONSULTING’s IT strategy consulting (IT diagnosis, ISP, PI, etc.) offers greater value by exceeding clients’ business goals through IT Strategy Direction and Business process innovations utilizing IT in correlation to long-term vision and corporate management strategies.

  • IT Diagnosis/ISP(Information Strategy Planning)

    IT Diagnosis is a service for Establishing a long-term IT roadmap for the client by assessing the current IT level in leading Korea and overseas companies, identifying weaknesses and benchmarking advanced IT practices. ISP is a service for establishing long-term strategies for the corporate-wide IT sector to efficiently support the accomplishment of corporate management goals.

  • DT(Digital Transformation)

    In order to meet the changing business environment and market demands of the digital age, we perform digital transformation that creates new business by reconfiguring existing business processes and experiences on a digital basis.

  • PI (Process Innovation)

    PI provides consulting services for establishing the general course of business process innovations for higher efficiency and executing optimization of business activities based on the company’s long-term management strategy, presenting a comprehensive information system for achieving their innovation goals, and planning the future development of unit or integrated information systems.

  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

    With the upcoming implementation of ISO 55000 asset management standard certification, the government and private corporations are recognizing the importance of asset management and they are establishing and advancing asset management systems. EAM Service supports optimizing performance efficiency of the asset’s entire lifecycle through ISO 55000 and PAS 55 by providing IT-based asset management consulting that improves data consistency, allowing effective customer business management and decision-making.