Service Strategy BPO

BPO : Maximize ICT efficiency and Reduce TCO

Based on HIGH VALUE CONSULTING’s expertise and extensive experience, we manage integrated operations efficiently and reliably with the goal of reducing operational cost and the highest availability during the life cycle of our client‘s ICT resources.

  • ERP System Operations Consulting

    Through years of operation and maintenance contract/experience of ERP system, we fully comply with SLAs, maximize the efficiency of our operating ERP system, and provide business-appropriate analysis services to help us plan for upgrading our systems.

  • Add-On Application Operations

    In addition to the ERP system, the latest add-on applications (ex: Plant Information/predictive maintenance S/W package, etc.) that can support customer business help reduce maintenance costs for their assets (especially facilities assets).

  • Infrastructure Operations

    We provide various IT support services, such as the procurement services for information system solutions and maintenance of client, and provide information literacy for efficient business performance.